What makes Wells Pork and Beef different?

  • Not only does Wells Pork and Beef oversee the entire process, from the processing center to the store, we can guarantee that our products have optimum quality and freshness.
  • Wells Pork and Beef raises free-range pigs and ones in houses. These healthy pigs are grain-fed, all-natural, hormone-free, and humanely treated.
  • In order to keep up with demand, we also buy pigs from other farmers and companies.
  • The cows that are raised by Wells Pork and Beef are grass-fed, all-natural, and are not injected with hormones.
  • Owner Vic Swinson, grows all of the feed that is fed to Wells Pork and Beef's cows and pigs.
  • All of our beef is aged for 14-28 days in order to enhance the flavor.
  • We test our products for E. coli.